ARMADILLO OFFICINALIS ‘The Hissing Isopod - Red’ Isopods

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Armadillido officinalis thrive in both arid and tropical environments, making them an awesome starter isopod. They also have a harder exterior which doesn't make them ideal as a feeder isopod.

They are nicknamed as Red Hissing Isopods for their deep rouge coloring and the hiss-like sound that expels from a colony when they are startled. You may not notice this sound as much when the colony is in smaller numbers, but if you do listen closely, the "hissing" sound is simply their little pereopods moving quickly in circular motions inside their shell as they hurriedly hide and move for cover.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Each culture ships guaranteed to have at least the selected amount of isopods, and typically with at least 1-2 extra every time.
The moment you receive your isopods, they will be ready to introduce into your bioactive setup. 

We ship our isopods along with sphagnum moss in securely packed containers. Their package will include insulation, heat, cold, or phase packs dependent on the temperatures observed in your area at the time of delivery.

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