Proistoma minuta 'Blue Podura' Springtails

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Size: 4oz
Base: On Charcoal
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  • considered tropical springtails
  • fast breeding species
  • comfortable in moderate and high humidity
  • excellent as a clean up crew
  • excellent as a feeder
  • ideal as a dart frog feeder

Each culture of Springtails is shipped either on activated charcoal or clay. The box will have a clear label indicating which side should be upright during transit, and that they are perishable contents.

** PLEASE READ BEFORE CHOOSING CHARCOAL MEDIUM: When you receive your springtails on charcoal, please allow 1-2 weeks for the eggs to hatch and reform into a colony. Due to the unpreventable shuffling that the charcoal will go through in transit, adult springtails tend to perish by the time they reach their destination.

For this reason, we offer a clay option where the full colony will survive transit and be entirely visible.

Open the lid of the culture weekly to release Co2 buildup for both charcoal and clay cultures.**

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The moment you receive your springtails, they will be ready to introduce into your bioactive setup. 

We ship our springtails in securely packed containers. Their package will include insulation, heat, cold, or phase packs dependent on the temperatures observed in your area at the time of delivery.

We will ship as long as temperatures are steady between 40-90º.
Customers experiencing temperatures under 50º over 80º will be encouraged to be held for pickup.
Customers experiencing temperatures under 40º or over 90º will be encouraged to let us hold your order until it's safe to ship.
We will never ship an order out in questionable temperatures without communicating with you first.