BUILD YOUR OWN Tropical Bioactive Fauna Starter Kit

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Kit Size: Small (10ct mix + 25ct dwarfs + 4oz springtail culture)
Isopod Crew: Classic Party Mix + Dwarf Whites
Springtail Crew: Temperate White Springtails
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Unsure what species to purchase for your bioactive setup? Let us help make the decisions a little easier!

With our Tropical Bioactive Fauna Starter Kit, we have laid out a variety of options that will work for your enclosure.

- Every bioactive works well with a dwarf isopod crew, as they will burrow and take care of the deeper levels of substrate.
- A solid isopod crew that will care more for the top layer cleaning will also be necessary, this will consist of our "Mixes" we have available.
- And the springtails are the perfect micro cleanup crew to help take care of any leftovers and keep mold at bay. They live in perfect harmony with the isopods, feeding on similar diets, and isopods never seem to be bothered by their presence, even in larger numbers.

Porcellionides Pruinosus - Powder Blue, Powder Orange & Powder White Isopods
Porcellionides Pruinosus - Powder Blue, Powder Orange, Powder White, Oreo Crumble & Orange Cream Isopods

Dwarf whites breed at incredibly fast rates, given enough food consistently. (ie. the more your pet poops, the larger the dwarf white colony will thrive.) Interesting tid-bit on these guys, they do not breed as they are an all-female colony that continually clones itself into larger numbers.
Dwarf Purples tend to not breed as fast, making them more idea if your pet does not leave waste as often. These guys of course will do better with more food given to grow into a strong colony, but they are much smaller and do not need as much to thrive.

(shown in images)
Temperate White Springtails can do well in an arid setting, as long as they have some moisture to go to along with the isopods.
Blue Podura Springtails are the tiniest springtails we have available, with a much similar look to the Temperate Whites, but with a hue of blue to their bodies. These guys do well in temperate environments, but thrive in tropical even better.

*each mix is randomly grabbed from their enclosures*
*each crew is packed separately for safer transit*
*springtails on shipped on clay medium for safer transit unless requested otherwise -- you can do so by e-mailing us here*

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Each culture ships guaranteed to have at least the selected amount of isopods, and typically with at least 1-2 extra every time.
The moment you receive your isopods, they will be ready to introduce into your bioactive setup. 

We ship our isopods along with sphagnum moss in securely packed containers. Their package will include insulation, heat, cold, or phase packs dependent on the temperatures observed in your area at the time of delivery.

We will ship as long as temperatures are steady between 40-90º.
Customers experiencing temperatures under 50º over 80º will be encouraged to be held for pickup.
Customers experiencing temperatures under 40º or over 90º will be encouraged to let us hold your order until it's safe to ship.
We will never ship an order out in questionable temperatures without communicating with you first.