Isopod Home Starter Kit

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Advanced Isopod Nutrition: ISO MEAL (Mealworms)
Sizing guide

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Here we have a starter kit consisting of all basic essentials for your new culture of isopods. We have 3 sizes to choose from, with 3 different food options.

  1. Isopod Enclosure
    The lowest rows of holes have been sealed off with clear tape to avoid smaller escapees, and is removable if not preferred.
    SMALL 5" W ×7½" L× 3" H
    MEDIUM 7" W x 10" L x 4½" H
    LARGE 8¾" W x 13" L x 6" H

  2. Isopod + Substrate (Measured out to be exact for enclosure)
  3. Live Patch of Sheet Moss
  4. Cork Bark
  5. Live Oak Leaf Litter
  6. Your choice of Advanced Isopod Nutrition