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Porcellio laevis thrive in both arid and temperate environments, though they will do just fine in tropical setups. They have a somewhat soft exterior which makes them ideal as a feeder isopod. They breed stunningly fast and are known to burrow deep in the substrate -- this makes them ideal in larger bioactive enclosures to clean deep in the lower layers.

This species is considered professional in playing dead.

These Orange isopods are the all orange variation of the Dairy Cow isopod.

These isopods are prolific in the isopod trade and bioactive hobby. They're known to be incredible in consuming waste and any food given to them, though there is controversy around whether they're safe to house with pets like Crested Geckos.

The best way to find out if Porcellio laevis will be safe to house with your pet is to ensure the following:
Your soft-bodied pet is more arboreal rather than typically spending most of its time on the floor of its enclosure. This way it doesn't matter if your pet is soft-bodied, the Dairy Cows will not be able to climb glass and will not typically opt to climb decorations except for the occasional one or two here and there.
Your pet is in good health. Meaning they are not currently experiencing any illnesses or shedding issues where they are unable to move properly and freely.
Your pet is not sensitive to their food occasionally climbing them. A tarantula for example would almost absolutely be bothered by the shared presence of an isopod.
Your pet does not burrow. Pets like Pacman Frogs and Tarantulas who are known to love burrowing will likely be overly stressed by isopods like Dairy Cows when they disrupt their rest with their tunneling systems.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Each culture ships guaranteed to have at least the selected amount of isopods, and typically with at least 1-2 extra every time.
The moment you receive your isopods, they will be ready to introduce into your bioactive setup. 

We ship our isopods along with sphagnum moss in securely packed containers. Their package will include insulation, heat, cold, or phase packs dependent on the temperatures observed in your area at the time of delivery.

We will ship as long as temperatures are steady between 40-90º.
Customers experiencing temperatures under 50º over 80º will be encouraged to be held for pickup.
Customers experiencing temperatures under 40º or over 90º will be encouraged to let us hold your order until it's safe to ship.
We will never ship an order out in questionable temperatures without communicating with you first.