TRICHONISCUS SP 'Dwarf Purple' Isopods

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Size: 10
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  • fast breeding species
  • comfortable in moderate and high humidity
  • will desiccate in low humidity
  • excellent as a clean up crew
  • excellent as a feeder
Each culture of Dwarf Purple Isopods ships guaranteed to have at least the selected amount of isopods, and typically with at least 1-5 extra every time.

The moment you receive your isopods, they will be ready to introduce into your bioactive setup. For tips on how to house and what to feed your isopods, we are currently working on a Blog/FAQ page that will provide this useful information. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions at

We ship our isopods in sphagnum moss and clearly label, on all sides of the box, that Live Insects are inside and to keep a specific side of the box up at all times. We understand that carriers do not always abide by this, so the sphagnum moss will help keep the isopods safe.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: During the colder months (typically between November and February), product weight is calculated to include a shipping warmer with your isopods to keep them safe during transit.